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LIFE living Natura 2000

Welcome to the webpages of the project LIFE living Natura 2000 in Bavaria.

Natura 2000 areas in Bavaria: these are the attractive and varied landscapes that Bavaria has brought into the European ecological network Natura 2000. Natura 2000 is a Europe-wide network of protected areas established by the European Union throughout the territory of the Member States. The Free State preserves and maintains the natural heritage of Europe in Bavaria with Natura 2000 sites scattered throughout the country.

Natura 2000 in Bavaria: this is a lively variety from the flatlands to the high mountains. Bogs and meadows, lakes, streams and rivers, poor grasslands and heaths, rocks and forests – this and much more make up the Bavarian Natura 2000 sites.

The people in Bavaria appreciate this natural diversity very much.

Therefore, it is important to inform and communicate about it. That is the concern of the EU funded communication project LIFE living Natura 2000.

Ein Rokehlchen sitzt auf einem Zweig und zwitschert.

Take a moment of silence in nature. What do you hear? Perhaps a robin, a magpie, the wind rustling through the leaves? In our everyday lives, we often find ourselves in a hectic soundscape of street noise, in which the hum of the refrigerator is no longer perceived. But what about the sounds of nature? Do we still recognize them?

The Natura 2000-Sound Artwork wants to draws attention to the diversity of our natural sounds. Join in and become part of the artwork. (Image: EvgeniT/

Nahaufnahme einer bunten Blüte.
Unique plant species in habitats worth preserving - Iris spuria. Photographer: iStock, Wingmar.

About Natura 2000

Encompassing pristine peat bogs, extensive riverine alluvial forests, Mediterranean beaches, the spectacular Wadden Sea and magnificent mountain peaks of the Alps – Europe is home to a high natural diversity. Natura 2000 represents a network of protected areas to safeguard European natural heritage in all EU Member States.

A group of people on a forest trail holding a banner that reads START
The project team and friends on the third day of the Natura 2000 relay run in 2021 (Image: Veronika Bauer, ANL).

LIFE Project & Contact Information

LIFE living Natura 2000 is an EU-funded communication project for the Natura 2000 network in Bavaria under the auspices of the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL).
Meet our team!

A girl holds a maple leaf covering her face.
Review of past LIFE living Natura 2000 events. Photo: Unsplash, Scott Walsh

Natura 2000 Blog

Here you will find all past actions, projects and events that have already taken place during the campaign.

Young people on a hill. The sun is setting in the background.
Outlook on future LIFE living Natura 2000 events. Photo: Unsplash, Luca Bravo

Our Events

Do not just follow our projects on the net: Visit us on site at one of the many events throughout Bavaria and experience Natura 2000 in person – our very nature. We are looking forward to you.

Ambassadors Alexander Huber and Dr. Auguste von Bayern meet Thorsten Glauber, Minister of State for the Environment and Consumer Protection. They stand in front of 2 campaign posters.
Ambassadors Alexander Huber and Dr. Auguste von Bayern meet Thorsten Glauber, Minister of State for the Environment and Consumer Protection. Photo: StMUV

The Natura 2000 Ambassador Campaign

Prominent ambassadors for Natura 2000: As part of the LIFE living Natura 2000 project, ornithologist Dr. Auguste von Bayern and mountaineer Alexander Huber (“Huber-Buam”) are committed to preserving Bavaria’s natural heritage.

A woman is standing in a forest and inhales the fresh air.
Take a deep breath: In the Natura 2000 short film, nature invites you to relax. Picture: Beechstudios

Short Film about Natura 2000 – Europe’s Unique Natural Heritage

When was the last time you breathed in the morning forest air or enjoyed the evening sun in the great outdoors? Get involved with your fascinating nature and discover the European natural heritage in Bavaria in a short film.

The LIFE living Natura 2000 team receives an award. The team and members of the ministry stand in front of campaign posters while holding a flag showing the award.
The award was presented and honoured by Christina Kreitmayer (StMUV), Ministerial Director. Picture: StMUV

LIFE living Natura 2000 – Official Project of the UN Decade of Biodiversity

The LIFE living Natura 2000 project was awarded on May 8th, 2019 as an official project of the UN Decade of Biological Diversity in the premises of the StMUV.

People sitting at a table talking in front of an orange background.

How Do I Communicate Natura 2000? Helpful Methods for Dialogue and Understanding

This year, the LIFE living Natura 2000 project is conducting communication training on Natura 2000 in order to contribute to a successful dialogue in participatory cooperation processes.

Do you know what a mouse eats? Or what the nestlings of an eagle owl look like? Test your knowledge about Natura 2000 animals and plants in the “Natura 2000 Species Quiz”.

Youths sitting in the grass during the first Natura 2000 student event.
The student activity 2018 focused on the endangered partridge. Photo: Wolfram Adelmann.

Natura 2000 Student Events

Nature is just for retirees? Everything is already online anyway? Are you kidding me? Bavaria’s pupils should experience that real nature can be exciting and important despite the internet and TV, as part of the Natura 2000 student activities.

Great Spotted Woodpecker sitting on a tree in a forest.
Great Spotted Woodpecker (Hans Glader / Piclease)

We Celebrate 40 years of the Birds Directive in Nuremberg

When birds fly, national borders are irrelevant: Almost exactly 40 years ago, on 2 April 1979, the European Birds Directive came into force.

The European flag swaying in the wind.
Natura 2000 measures are already bearing fruit in other EU countries. Picture: Europe Flag, fdecomite Wikicommons CC BY 2.0

Natura 2000 Elsewhere

In this series, we present examples from various European countries and federal states that show how diverse Natura 2000 measures can be and how the idea of a European network of protected areas can successfully be implemented.

A stag beetle sitting on a branch.
The stag beetle is also protected by Natura 2000. More facts can be found in the Natura 2000 knowledge quiz. Photo: Piclease/Wilhelm Gailberger

Natura 2000 Knowledge Quiz

Stag beetle and dusky large blue: How well do you know Natura 2000? Find out in the Natura 2000 knowledge quiz.

5 people of Haidmühle accept the Natura 2000 award.
"Natura 2000 municipality" award for Haidmühle. Picture: Regierung von Niederbayern

The “Bavarian Natura 2000 Municipalities”

The award “Bayerische Natura 2000-Gemeinde” (Bavarian Natura 2000 municipality) is awarded for outstanding activities in the field of species protection and municipal development. The award for particular commitment for Natura 2000 has been developed as part of the LIFE living Natura 2000 project.

A lake in front of a mountain landscape. The mountains are reflected in the water.
“Nature in the Focus” - winning image by Vivien Zoll

Enchanting Insights into Natural Beauty – “Nature in the Focus” Photo Competition 2018

The vernissage of the photo exhibition of “nature in the focus” competition took place on March 13th 2019 at the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL).