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Natura 2000 for Representatives of Interests and Associations

Why should I care about Natura 2000?

The natural diversity of Bavaria and its preservation as a livelihood for future generations is what motivates people in Bavaria. Natura 2000 was created more than 25 years ago as a European project as part of the Rio de Janeiro World Summit. It is the most important conservation instrument in the European Union and, as a unique ecological network, aims to conserve our valuable natural capital.

– Natura 2000 ensures that the most beautiful Bavarian landscapes are preserved with their diversity and are also sustainably managed or maintained.

– Natura 2000 areas offer recreation and enjoyment of nature and the ecological network thus protects our attractive living environment.

– The areas protect the diversity of life. The world’s largest conservation project preserves our Bavarian landscape, our animal and plant diversity. As a result, many small and large successes have already been achieved.

Two partridges sitting in grassland.
Endangered species such as the partridge depend on extensive grassland. Josef Limberger/Piclease

What are the benefits of Natura 2000 for me?

– Ecosystem services provided by Natura 2000 sites are of immense value to our society: clean water, purified air, insect pollination of crops and wild plants, reduction of flood risk by natural floodplains and reduced soil erosion.

– The network of protected areas not only ensures that we feel comfortable in nature, but also allows future generations to experience biodiversity.

– The conservation efforts are already bearing fruit: Many animal and plant species have benefited from the measures taken in recent years and will remain in Bavaria for us.

An orange butterfly sitting on a flower.
Natura 2000 is the biggest project for the preservation of biodiversity worldwide.

What can be my contribution?

– Social commitment and community initiatives are indispensable pillars of nature conservation and implementation of Natura 2000.

– Communication and exchange with associations, and civic groups is an essential support for the social foundation of Natura 2000.

– In an EU-wide study, 76 percent of the respondents agree that the loss of biodiversity must be stopped and that we have a responsibility to nature. You can carry on this broad consensus as a representative of associations and interests in your field of activity, and thereby raise awareness of the European network of protected areas.

– The involvement of associations for Natura 2000 is available everywhere in Bavaria. Youth and nature conservation groups, for example, cultivate species-rich meadow slopes, and forest cooperatives promote and improve the habitat of capercaillie. Agriculture representatives, machinery rings and landscaping associations take care of meadow breeders, moors and litter meadows.

Nahaufnahme einer bunten Blüte.
Unique plant species in habitats worth preserving - Iris spuria. Photographer: iStock, Wingmar.

Natura 2000 für…

Die ehemalige Bayerische Umweltministerin Ulrike Scharf hält eine Festansprache am Natura 2000-Gipfel in Schloss Nymphenburg am 29. Januar 2018.

who play a key role in the positive image of the Natura 2000 network and experience nature up close.

Ein Landwirt hat einen Salat in der Hand. Im Hintergrund sind Hühner zu sehen.

who have both the economic interests and the objectives of Natura 2000 in mind.

which also represents Natura 2000 in balance with other interests and appreciate its added value.

who play a key role in the positive image of the Natura 2000 network and experience nature up close.