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Pause. Be quiet for a moment. Listen to nature.

Take a moment of silence in nature. What do you hear? Perhaps a robin, a magpie, the wind rustling through the leaves? In our everyday lives, we often find ourselves in a hectic soundscape of street noise, in which the hum of the refrigerator is no longer perceived. But what about the sounds of nature? Do we still recognize them? With the Natura 2000-Sound Artwork, we want to draw attention to exactly this potential and promote more awareness for perceiving natural sounds. Because natural sounds such as the burbling of a  stream, the wind in the trees, and the song of a yellowhammer are not only soothing, but also testify to a healthy habitat for plants and animals, including humans.

Join in! Whether as a school class or individually, you can contribute to the Natura 2000 Sound Artwork by making a short audio recording and filling out our documentation form. Your recordings from a variety of natural habitats will form the basis of an approximately 5-minute long audio artwork that we will release on Natura 2000 Day, May 21st. For further information on where to submit your recordings, please see our flyer and accompanying documentation sheet.

Instructions for participating in the Natura 2000 sound artwork.

Connecting networks and promoting conservation work.

For our Natura 2000-Sound artwork we are partnering with the Citizen Science project Dawn Chorus. Dawn Chorus is a project of BIOTOPIA – the Natural History Museum of Bavaria. Help us to make a meaningful contribution to biodiversity research by uploading your recordings to Dawn Chorus!

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